Berlin / 柏林

There are two main reasons why I have stopped blogging in the past few months; one, I've focused all my time and energy into my studies and two, I've lost my motivation. After my GCSE exams I was so drained that I just couldn't be asked to do anything and when I felt inspired to write a new post Blogger decided to play and I had to redesign my entire blog hence leading to a new name and domain. I've started this blog 2 years ago and I've changed a lot since then, I feel like I've matured so much and my directions have changed; so I decided to change things up a little.  [Just so you know 'Mei' is my Chinese name.] Anyway, 2 weeks ago I went to Berlin and Kraków and I wanted to share a few photos and a video blog with you guys. [By the way, all the photos are taken in Berlin, since I didn't really have time to take many photos in Kraków.]